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Welcome to

Rock Hill Academy of Music

Music Lessons for All Ages

Our Passion for Music Education

At Rock Hill Academy of Music, we believe that everyone should have access to quality music education. Our experienced instructor provides tailored lessons for voice, flute, piano, and ukulele to students of all ages and skill levels. We prioritize music theory and reading music as essential components of a well-rounded musical education. We are dedicated to instilling a lifelong love of music in each of our students.


Meet Our Instructor

Our instructor is an experienced and passionate musician who is dedicated to helping students achieve their musical goals. Get to know our instructor.

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What Our Students Say

Angela has taught me a tone about singing and she has always believed in me when Im not believing in myself. She really helped
me gain more confidence in myself and I was able to get out of my shell.

Rebecca, 22

Angela is such an amazing teacher, shes very tentative and very loving, she really has the students best interest in minds and
really helps them address their weaknesses to make progress! She is also accommodating and nurturing which is a really great
quality in a teacher. Shes very humble and knows what shes doing.

Megan, 35

Angela is a wonderful teacher. She helped my daughter improve so much and gain greater skill. She chose music that fit her
and yet pushed her at the same time. She is also very kind and considerate of her students. You can tell she loves them. She
loves what she does, teaching music, too. I cant say enough good things about Angela Romney.



Our Services

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